Hello, my name is Scott Clark, and I am a life long California Central Coast resident. Growing up without the internet, computers and cell phones, my passion for the outdoors began early in life. As a child of the sixties I also grew up around interesting color choices, ground breaking music and ideas, all part of the fabric of who I am. Bold compositions, vibrant colors and occasionally breaking the photographic rules best characterizes my style. My photographic interests orbit around people and places, although I will occasionally photograph a subject that has good light on it.

By now everyone is generally familiar with the product and the term photoshop. Unfortunately many images we see today are heavily processed creating very unreal and fake looking photos and fueling the saying, "wow, looks photoshopped". While I use a processing program, my philosophy is to capture the best possible image in camera, then utilize a basic work flow to bring the photo to life. What you see are single images (unless multi-frame pano) shot in RAW file, minimally cropped to show my viewer what I saw through the lens and to maintain as much integrity of image data as possible. I want my images to capture only the real scene. In many of these shots, that meant returning over and over again to capture just the right moment that made the shot special. Just that simple. 

I would also humbly mention that I enter numerous photo competitions to have my work critiqued by some of the most prestigious eyes in the world of professional photography in a non-biased manner. This ensures that you are getting work that is truly fine art photography value. Many of the shots that you see here on my website are GCPPA merit award winning images, and in some cases, category winners and best in show.

Thank you again for visiting my site, come back and visit again soon, I am always adding new images. Hopefully you have connected with and found inspiration by what I have captured and showcased here.   Appreciate each day as a gift, and live it in full color, unless it will make a great black and white.

Scott Clark 

"Always be yourself, everyone else is already taken"

-Oscar Wide

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